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Adel Ghonim
Adel Awad Ghonim Aly
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Bachelor of Commerce – Business Administration department – Cairo University 1990
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 01.06.1986 – 06.07.1986: I wrote a Roman in the field of Science-Fiction. I named it "A Flute of a Girl's Bones". This Roman was awarded the "Novel Club Prize" in Egypt 1987.


06.02.1998 - 26.02.1998: I wrote another SF- Novel, I named it "A Stone from Paradise" or "Light from Berlin". Its events were in Germany. I already published it in Egypt in Arabic language in 1998. (I.S.B.N: 977-19-7022-4). 

 "Novel Club Prize" in Egypt 1987 for the novel "A Flute of a Girl's Bones".

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 07.06.1981 - 15.09.1982: I wrote a research (80 A4 Pages, 7 Figures), about the "Existence of the Universe and its end".


11.1984 – 04.1985: I made an invention in the field of "Electric energy production" from the movement of vehicles. I registered this Invention in the "Egyptian Patent Office" at 22.04.1985 under No. 871033/1985.


17.07.1987 – 07.08.1987: I participated in the residential working "International Astronomical Youth Camps" - "IAYC" which held in “Schauinsland”/ “Black Forest”/ Baden Württemburg/ Germany for 3 weeks. The IAYCs are organized by an international team of students and young scientists.


10.1985 – 05.1990: I gain "BA. of Commerce" "Business Administration department" "8 Semesters", Cairo university. I hold the membership in the "Egyptian Business corporation" No. 90/5735/90. Membership since 11/1990.


17.06.1989 – 04.07.1989: I have studied a Computer Sciences Basic Language Information, Cairo University. I gain "GOOD" estimation.


At 12.01.1992: I gain the TOEFL "Test of English as a Foreign Language" in American University in Cairo with 427 degrees.


01.05.1989 - 1992, & 1998: I invented a Theory in the field of "Parapsychology". I named it "Extraordinary Time Levels". I wrote this Theory in a book and I published it in Egypt by Arabic language on 1998. (I.S.B.N: 977-00-9851-5).


06.02.1996 - 11.03.1998: I attended "German Language Course" in Egypt in "Zentrum für Deutsch" till 372 lecture hours.


06.02.1998 - 26.02.1998: I wrote another SF- Novel, I named it "A Stone from Paradise" or "Light from Berlin". Its events were in Germany. I already published it in Egypt in Arabic language in 1998. (I.S.B.N: 977-19-7022-4).


01.04.2000 – 30.09.2000: I learned "German Language" in "Otto-von-Guericke- University" Magdeburg, Germany.


At 07.08.2000: While my residence in Magdeburg, Germany, I hold a membership in the Ver.di, Germany Druck und Papier, Publizistik und Kunst. Ortsverein Magdeburg, Membership No. 9970002243.


Januar 2001: I made another Invention in Field of "Traveling in the outer space". This Invention is as an application from my mentioned Theory above. I registered this invention in the "Egyptian Patent Office" at 25.08.2001 under No. 918/2001.


02.2002 – 04.2002: I wrote my fourth book relative my last Invention in the field of "Space Travel", and its working theory. I named this book "A new Method for traveling in the Outer Space". I already published this book in Egypt in Arabic in May 2002. (I.S.B.N: 977-17-0471-0).


At 12.02.2004: I got the TestDaF (Test German as a foreign language) in Geothe Institute in Cairo with degrees 3-3-3-3 (60%).


25.04.2006 – 04.05.2006: I wrote a book in Christian Theology under name: Victory over the World.


At 08.11.2008: I get a membership at Badisches-Familienferienwerk in the Black forest, Germany.


During the last six years: I wrote many of articles (more than 60 articles), and at present I still write more. These articles are in many fields, especially in Science. I published many of them on internet.  


03.04.2010 – 23.08.2011: I got Diploma in "Bible Studies" from "World Bible SchoolUSA".


At 04.01.2012: I get a Job at a "German internationalen Online-Zeitung: "falcon-news, sawt-alarab" as Journalist/ Writer.


Last update: 11.05.20112
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